We can trust God to do what He promised. – Hebrews 10:23


I am not domestic in some areas of my life. I can cook a great manicotti or Coc au Vin but if you ask me to sew something, I will stall.  For as long as humanly possible.  Sewing is just not my thing. However, my 6 year old daughter has been begging me to sew up a dress that needs mending and I have been putting it off (mainly because it is a summer dress and her chances of wearing it until next year are slim).  The thing is…I promised her I would do it.


Promises are a funny thing.  I remember being young and saying things like “Cross your heart” or “Pinky swear” in attempt to gain someone’s trust for the promise I had made.  This was the surest way to keep a promise as a child, to show the world an indication of your character.


Last night, my daughter got her first two badges at Awana (a children’s club at church) for learning so many verses.  The first was a pilot pin that of course just pins on.  The second was an iron on which every mom has said to me, don’t just iron it on, sew it on also so it doesn’t come off in the wash.


So here I am thinking I will get to it this weekend when I have less to do or more time for household chores.  But I promised my daughter I would get it done this week before her next club meeting.  She looks at me with those eyes that say “yeah, right, you’re promises mean nothing to me.”


I go to work today and we are learning about different types of weather and we did rainbows today.  God has an amazing way of reminding me that He once made a promise too and He always keeps His promises.  So tonight when I got home, while the kids were having an after dinner snack, I sat down and sewed the badge to her vest.  She caught me in the middle of doing this and her eyes light up and she says, “You’re putting my badge on already?!”  Ouch.  Sting at first but seeing her eyes lighting up at the fact that I just completed a promise is more than amazing. It lets her know that I view the promise I made to her as a commitment, not just something to pacify her for the time being.  Tonight I am an awesome mom.  Not because I sewed on a badge or made my daughter extremely happy, but because I kept a little girl’s promise.


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