Biblical Fashion

Clothing is an essential part of life. I get this. I am a clothes horse and a shoe horse. I love love love getting a new outfit and wearing it for the first time and feeling good about myself. Concern about how we look and what is fashionable is saturated into our American culture. But what does the bible have to say about clothing?

Of course, the bible isn’t into specifics such as should I wear the purple or orange dress today. But there are many stories dealing with fashion and clothing throughout the bible; from Adam and Eve and fig leaves in Genesis to bright white robes in Revelations. Along the way I learned that by looking at something as “worldly” as fashion, important truths are revealed about God and us. So before I go on a spending spree at Charming Charlie’s, let’s clarify a few things.

For instance, did you know that God clothed us before we were even born?  In Job it says, “You clothed me with skin and flesh, and knit me together with bones and sinews (Job 10:11). Our skeletal and muscular systems wouldn’t suffice by themselves so God clothed us with skin. God designed us in such an incredible way. He is the ultimate designer. And since He designed us in His image, maybe this explains why fashion exists? Some of God’s creativity is in us too.

When sin entered the world with Adam and Eve, they clothed themselves with fig leaves. God knew they had disobeyed and sent them out into the harsh world beyond paradise. However He also knew that fig leaves wouldn’t cut it and so “The Lord made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them.” Leaves would not be long lasting so he provided leather and fur clothing that was both long lasting and warm. He provided these gifts even in the heart of their sin. He still provides for us. No, He may not give us a spending account for all the name brand stores out there but He does provide.

This may be the most positive blog on fashion and the bible ever posted.  Most tend to focus on the negative – women: don’t wear your hair too short or too much jewelry, tattoos, or anything that is going to make a man lust after you. Men: don’t wear too long of hair (unless you’re Samson) or women’s attire, tattoos, and don’t lust after women. Yes, these are still verses in the bible that we need to take into account in their full context, however, God gave us this amazing gift of creativity and fashion is one way to show that.

jesus fashionThat doesn’t mean everything you wear has to have something about Jesus on it, though it should represent Him in its own way. Nor does it mean you have to show every ounce of skin you can, I can still be fashionable and show some skin while keeping it PG as well. I have a tattoo. I wear jewelry and high heels because I like them. But I also know when enough is enough and don’t over-do my spending (though my husband may tell a different story). God loves my creativity but I still have to remember He is the Ultimate Designer in my life. He fashioned these 3 gorgeous children for me. That is the best thing I get to wear – motherhood.


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