Baked Potatoes and Being Wise (Intentional Parenting)

understanding God's plansI dropped a baked potato on Sunday afternoon. This is not the worst thing to ever happen to me, but for some reason, I got extremely frustrated with the fact that my potato had just landed on the floor. Bits of potato, melted butter, cheese, and bacon bits were scattered everywhere. I uttered some not so nice words along with, “This was not part of my plan!”

My daughter pipes right up, “But it’s God’s plan.”

Man, this girl is wise. I stopped and started to think about it. She, of course, was right, but what really got to me was the fact that if I get this upset over a dropped potato, how do I handle the bigger things in life? How do I handle life’s frustrations, sufferings, or changes? What kind of an example am I to my children when these life lessons pop up?

Apparently, not a good one. Thankfully, God gave my 7 year old an enormous heart and despite my utter failings as a parent, she is still so wise and loving. She got down and started picking up shrapnel from the potato fail. She didn’t fault me. She didn’t judge my poor word choice. She just showed compassion and loved me despite my anger. She did exactly what Jesus would have done.

The ironic part is that I thought I was so wise this week as a parent. We were watching the movie Brave and I started a conversation about how when we face fear and change, we can grow and become stronger and wiser. We can use that change to evaluate how our plans fit into God’s plans. And then I dropped a potato.

We talked this week at church about what it means to keep the end in mind when parenting; be intentional with our children.

We are our children’s view of God.

That thought scares me. We also learned that there are no perfect parents and God cares more about where you are going than where you’ve been. Thank goodness! I can put this potato fiasco behind me and celebrate the small steps I am doing right as a parent. I can celebrate that my 7 year old keeps God as her main focus at all times.

It (obviously) isn’t because I am a stellar parent. But I do know that my husband and I have been very intentional in what matters most when raising our children. We fail. Miserably. All. The. Time. But every once in a while, I get a gold nugget of truth across and this is apparent when we see our daughter be intentional in her actions and words and wisdom.

My child, listen and be wise. Keep your heart on the right path. Proverbs 23:19


*Update – my daughter has continued to keep a healthy vision of God as her main focus and just got baptized this last weekend. We are so proud she took this step to show her faith in a very public way like baptism. 2-19-15


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