God’s Provision

I made some great Alfredo tonight. The kids loved it so much they had 2nd and 3rd helpings.  This isn’t about my awesome cooking skills though, this is definitely not a Pintrest post.

This is about God providing in a time of need.

See, my husband was supposed to get a paycheck today. That did not happen. Seems there was a glitch in payroll (they actually forgot to pay him really, since he is only there part-time).  However, since we were counting on that check until the next paycheck by his other job or mine, it was a big blow. We had $30 bucks in our checking account.

Sean freaked a bit. For some reason I was extremely calm. Calm and money do not go hand in hand for me. In fact, usually I am the one freaking out. Freaking out is actually an understatement to what I do when we are short on cash. I know what bills are due when and schedule every bill we pay and groceries and extracurricular and  come completely frenzied if this system is altered in any way to make it an uncomfortable week or month or year…

The Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want…  Psalm 23:1

This verse provides an uplifting passage of a Shepard who provides for His flock, who guides His lambs and keeps them safe. What a wonderful promise of God’s never ending care. As God’s sheep, we are not alone. He does provide in times of need. I am reminded of how he provided manna for the people who left Egypt. Except He made a rule. Take only for that day. It’s in our nature to hoard as much as possible. As Americans, it’s in our nature to want as much as possible. I wanted a cushion of cash so I would not freak out. Yet, I don’t have bills due until Thurs of this week. We will survive until the next paycheck. Yet, $30 hardly seemed reasonable for 2 days.

Did you just hear me?! God has left us $30 for 2 days! Praise Him!

Back to my story… I was going to take Sean’s check and get groceries as we were running out of things quickly. One stick of butter and one  gallon of milk for 5 peeps for 2 days?! I looked in the pantry. We have a pantry so that should say how awesome God already has been to our family. I could still choose a meal for dinner. I decided to only use half the chicken left and broccoli and the rest of some penne noodles and make my own Alfredo sauce.  Seeing as how I learned a thing or two from my very all-natural sister and awesome chef bro-in-law, I could do this, easily.

Okay, so my sauce was a bit runny and the broccoli did not get eaten by some, but I had a hot meal on our table. I had a warm house to share that hot meal in. I had a fantastically funny family to enjoy and laugh with over dinner. God provides folks. I also have a meal planned for tomorrow – an easy beef and veggie stew already prepared so we can get to church on time. Manna today and manna tomorrow. God has got this and I am not stressed about it. Maybe God will use this as a new beginning to how I start to view His goodness in 2014? I hope so. I am rejoicing in God’s never ending care.


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