15 Minutes Could Save You…Or Does It?

I am a researcher. I like to know what I am getting when I buy something. Especially something like auto or home insurance. But, I also love a bargain. Cheap is my middle name. It may even be my last name as well. I don’t like to buy anything without a coupon or that is not on sale.

We are saturated with commercials everywhere we turn on everything we never knew we needed until right now, for a limited time only! So when it comes to something we actually do need, it can be confusing. Just about every cable channel, media outlet or online streaming site has insurance commercials. We are bombarded with getting quotes here or saving money there. There are so many options and promises it is hard to make a clear decision. And like many Americans, when I see commercials that offer savings on insurance, I am right there ready to click my info in for 15 minutes.

And then I did some research. Theoretically online insurance quotes look great. You get what you need without any hassle and sometimes with great rates. Unfortunately, unless you are an expert in the insurance industry, how do you know if you are getting exactly what you need?

Insurance PolicyI love the fact that technology has taken us to the point where we can explore prices and plans online. I do not like the way it is leaving people under-insured and scrambling for the best price.

It is understandable to want the best quotes for your insurance and doing it in a convenient way, but have you ever bought a new piece of technology and had to call their call center with a problem? I know y’all are nodding your head right now. Every time it’s a new person who has no idea who you are, what you need, or why you even purchased the product. And it’s always a looong irritating conversation. Do you want the same for your insurance every time you file a claim or need policy information?

For some this is a small price to pay, for me it’s unacceptable.

Having an insurance agent is like having a personal insurance consultant. They know your needs, they know the laws, and they know the products they offer inside and out. A local agent knows your situation first hand and can make appropriate suggestions on which options will benefit you best. Plus, they are your BFF in the insurance world. You’ve now established a relationship with someone who knows your name (and your face too). You have someone to call when you need a new quote, need to file a claim, or need questions answered.

When it comes to big investments like your car, your home, and especially your family’s well-being, you want an expert on your side. Someone to help you make sense of what you’re actually buying and who can be there with you through the entire process. That’s why I personally advocate for an actual, real live insurance agent. We have some of the best here in the Omaha metro so if you live in the Omaha or Bellevue area, so check out this local insurance agent.


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