Apple Orchards & Allergic Reactions

Sooo….it’s been a while old friends. I thought at the beginning of the summer, I would have time to write all summer long. Oh the hopes and dreams I had. And then I realized it is September and I haven’t blogged since July. I mean, er, I was taking a summer break. Yeah, that’s it, let’s go with that….

Anywho…I have been very busy and the kids are back in school learning lots of stuff. So, as a family we decided to go to the apple orchard to pick apples with my mom, sister, and her family before the weather changed for the worse. It was fabulous fun! The kiddos had a blast even though the apples had all been picked through or had hail damage from all our monsoons lately so we came home with no apples but loads of memories.



berlyn 2

One memory in particular stands out in my mind. Oh nothing big, just a bee sting. If you know me at all or have read my previous blogs, you know how crazy I am about bees or things that have stingers in general. I am allergic and tend to swell and break out. I felt something on my neck so I went to slap it and hit fuzz. Immediately I knew it was a bee and immediately I felt the sting. I looked at my finger and saw the stinger sticking out. I was in shock so it took me a moment to remove it from my hand.

Apparently, at this same time I said some words, some very choice words that a sailor might say. Surrounded by children, some mine some not, I let out a string of cursing I have never heard myself say out loud. My sister’s jaw dropped. The kids were completely clueless (thank goodness). I apologized right away for my er, run-on sentence.

That’s it. There is no moral story here. No fabulous ending of how I saved the day. Just a string of words that I didn’t even know I knew until tht moment. Okay, I know them but I don’t usually say them. This is just a story to let you know that every parent has that moment when they just fail. I can’t even ask for a redo, because the rest of the day was wonderful. We even ate fresh apple cider donuts on the way home. Delicious.


So here I am typing (which is particularly hard when you can’t use your pointer finger because it is still swelled) letting you know it’s okay to have a moment every once in a while. To have that epic mom fail. It’s okay to not live up to the standard you put in your own head to be the best mom ever. So please share your biggest parenting fail below. I would love to know I am not alone. 🙂


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