Fun DIY Secret Paintbrush Valentine’s Cards

Ok, this is my first tutorial so here goes. My sister, Amy Payson, found this website with these cute paintbrush Valentine’s cards and so I thought, why not try these? I was bored with the usual store-bought cards and my creative juices were flowing, plus, we were snowed in for the day so…

DIY Secret Message Valentines

This doesn’t need to be any more expensive than regular cards. I bought the paintbrushes 12 for $1.50 at Michaels. I had most of the other stuff at home since I am always doing projects with my kids.

paintbrushes by Michael's

You will need:

Finger paint
X-acto Knife
White crayon
Print instructions (click on words to take you to site)

First, print out the Valentine’s on card-stock. I used white semi-heavy card-stock. I printed enough for my girls’ classes plus a few extra just in case I messed up. (credit to Small + Friendly for the print instructions).

vday 1

Then, fill each heart with some finger paint. (Note, the original website calls for liquid watercolor but I had finger paint on hand, and it works just as well.) Let dry. This is the most time consuming part of the entire process. Give yourself a day or so extra just to make sure it is completely dry.

v-day 3 vday 4

Next, use the white crayon to write your secret message. I made hearts, “Be mine”, U R great”, etc. Berlyn helped with this part. I had to remind her to press hard with the crayon so that it would show when friends painted them.

vday 6

Next, use a craft knife to cut vertical slits in both sides of each heart big enough for your paintbrush to slip through.

vday 11

Then cut the card-stock into the 4 cards it makes. Add the paintbrushes to each card and put in bags for school. “Easy peasy lemon squeezy” as one of my pre-schoolers says. Give with love!

Kirsten had fun “testing” a few just to make sure they worked. 🙂

vday 8 vday 9


Your turn. Let me know what type of Valentine’s Cards you are doing this year and if you choose to do these, let me know how they turned out!


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