Blessing Bags

making blessing bagsSo here it is right after the holidays and I haven’t written in so long. I had all these great intentions of writing over the winter break but then it didn’t happen. Instead, life happens. I started school again last year which is a huge time commitment, not to mention the teaching gig, 3 kids of my own, coaching cheer, and a bazillion other commitments.


One of our blessing bags

Fast-foward to after the holidays and my beautiful nine-year-old. She has the most amazing heart of anyone I know. One of her projects in school is to write about a service to help someone in need. We happened to be driving down the street and see a man out in the cold, sitting under a tree, who looked like he hadn’t had a shower or hot meal in quite some time. Now I don’t know what his story was, but it really touched my daughter’s heart. She wanted to do something. We talked about how there are homeless shelters in our area (Omaha, Nebraska) that we can serve at. But she wanted to help the guy right then. I had seen someone post on Facebook or Pintrest about “blessing bags” and told Berlyn about these.

“You just give them to the person right then so that way they don’t have to wait until they can go to a shelter,” I said. She liked the idea and off to the store we went to gather supplies for our bags. We made one for each car. Then Berlyn wrote about our service project for her school along with other ways to help out in our community.  Here is what we added to our bags:

  • Gloves
  • Beef jerky
  • Lip balm
  • Deodorant
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Soap (although in hindsight, I may also add hand sanitizer)
  • A few dollars
  • Trail mix (we were trying to find something that wouldn’t spoil)
  • Juice box or water
  • A note with a blessing in it (she wrote them)

Her list of ways to help

So our bags are now ready to give out. The hard part will be waiting more than a few days to give one out. I suspect we may just be driving around Omaha until we find someone in need because Berlyn is so excited to hand them out! In the summer, we will switch out the gloves for sunscreen, bug spray, and other items.


Making a scarf

My favorite part is how many other items of service she came up with to help. This girl has the most compassionate heart, always willing to serve others. She is starting on a scarf for each bag as well that she is making from learning how to crochet.

So this is our first attempt with the blessing bags. If you have done something similar, please tell me what has worked and what hasn’t. Thanks!

Blessing Bags



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